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Hi, I’m Beav from 2609 BeaverworX, and I’m here to talk about what we do here every day in the robotics club, and most importantly WHY we do it. We are competing in the FIRST Robotics Competition, which is also known as FRC.So, let’s talk about what FRC is. First Robotics Competition is a fun,challenging, inspiring Science and Technology program for kids in grades nine through 12. It is one in a progression of four programs that make up first, an international organization, founded by Dean Kamen designed to foster 21st century life skills and spark kids' interest in science, technology, engineering and math, so they become future leaders in these fields.

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Its a new school year and the 2609 BeaverworX team is getting ready for a new year of competition! We wish all teams good luck with all that this year brings!